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The project is underway!!

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The start of a new year brings our new project.....

Welcome to project: physio

A unique collaboration and new kind of physiotherapy clinic developed and designed by our Consultant Physiotherapists and Directors: Stephen Mutch and Kenny Watt. Together, we bring years of experience in private practice, treating and advising people from all backgrounds, providing them with the very highest level of care.

Combined with our ongoing work in elite level sport we bring cutting edge specialist knowledge and skills to help improve the health, wellness and performance of every patient who embarks on their own health project with us. You can read more about our backgrounds on the website.

project:physio has been designed to reflect the times so we will be bringing our experience and knowledge to you through the medium of online virtual telehealth consultations. Appointments are available now so head over to our online booking site to see us!!

Using our telehealth and rehabilitation hub we are able to consult with you from your home, gym or office space and advise you on whatever project you are undertaking. Our rehabilitation software allows us to prescribe you a comprehensive exercise, conditioning or rehabilitation programme focused around your individual project goals and needs. We can track your programme online and provide measurement tools which supply insight into your progress.

Virtual sessions provide an excellent medium by which to manage muscle, tendon, bone or ligament issues. With our clinical expertise we can advise and manage symptoms from brand new injuries, to those that have been 'niggling' for a while. We are also able to manage post surgical and orthopaedic cases through our exercise prescription software with the goal of returning you to your very best.

We truly are Redesigning Health, Wellness and Performance

We are also designing unique projects focused around the pursuits of running and biking. Appointments carefully built around the demands of both of these activities, as well assessment and treatment of the common injuries that occur, will be available in the coming months. Take the time to check out the project: run and project: bike pages to see which of the countries leading athletes already benefit from this focused input and who our performance partners are.

Working alongside innovative partners we are also soon to launch project: performance, the monitoring and evaluation service for those looking to add a cutting edge to their own personal or team performance.

Using leading technology combined with our understanding of human performance and health we will be able to test, track, and monitor your progress throughout your season or rehabilitation programme and be able to advise on all facets of your progress.

Project: Volleyball will be an expansion of ongoing work with Scottish Volleyball through Kenny. We are proud to be supporting the City of Edinburgh Volleyball Club and the University of Edinburgh Volleyball Clubs Womens Squads for the forthcoming seasons, and will be posting updates on the squads progress once they get underway. Check out the project: volleyball page for more information and keep a lookout for announcements as they come.

Watch for the exciting and novel project: hub - our educational and information point!

In conjunction with this blog, our newsletter, and social media posts, we will be providing up to date advice around all things health, wellness and performance. So if you are looking to add some missing pieces to your project then keep and eye out for new posts by signing up or following us on social media.

Finally a huge thank you to all those who have signed up already to the newsletter and followed us on social media. As a new business we are incredibly grateful for the support and appreciate any help in promoting us, and spreading the word about the work we do.

Ultimately our goal is to enhance and support #projectyou so head over now to book your virtual appointment.


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