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"Ride as much or as little, or long or as short as you feel.

But ride"

project: bike is our vehicle to support the cyclists of this world. Using our cutting edge assessment equipment we are able to provide insight into joint range of motion, lower limb strength and muscular flexibility. 

We are proud to provide physiotherapy support a large trans-national bike race and three of the country's leading mountain bikers.

So if you are simply planning to take up cycling or are about to embark on your latest Sportif why not let us help and advise through

 project: bike  

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Reece Wilson

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Downhill Mountain Bike Rider

  • Elite Men's Downhill World Champion - Mountain Bike World Championships 2020

  • TREK Factory Downhill Team Rider 

  • Scottish Downhill Champion 2018

  • Top 10 UCI World Cup Finishes


Christo Gallagher

Enduro Mountain Bike Rider

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Lachlan Blair

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Professional Enduro MTB Racer

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Trans Alba Race

A self supported cycle ride around Scotland

Covering over a 1,000 miles and 50,000 feet of climbing, riders follow a pre-determined route abiding by a simple set of seven rules. 

Self-supported means self-supported, riders are responsible for all their navigation and logistics whilst remaining completely self-reliant throughout the event. 

We are proud to support this event and the amazing group of determined cyclists who undertake the #TALBAR