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Your Health. Your Wellness. Your Performance

Can you improve what you don't measure?

At project:physio we strongly believe in measuring progress.

Together as we plan and design for project: you, we strive to provide you with unparalleled in-depth insight. With this information, together we can predict, react, and adapt quickly to change.


Using the latest groundbreaking innovations in laboratory tools we can provide objective measurement of individual performance including; athletic attributes such as force production and movement analysis; comprehensive tracking of recovery from orthopaedic surgery; team-wide screening and monitoring. 

Working closely with our performance partners Kinvent our

project: performance sessions are a unique and cutting edge

initiative aimed to improve 

Your Health, Wellness and Performance. 

project: performance   session

Physiotherapy Athlete

project: performance 

A 1-hour bespoke testing and monitoring session used to enhance and develop project: you

Using cutting edge technology we seek to attain insight into all aspects of human performance.

Designed for those looking to gain an edge on the competition through focused assessment and individualised exercise prescription.


Bespoke sessions built around you and your performance demands, our wireless K-Invent technology includes Force Plates, Dynanometery, Bluetooth Goniometers, Pressure Sensors plus Video Movement Analysis

Track the impact of your training and gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses to enhance planning and programming for your next event or competition.

Designed and suited for:

  • performance-focused assessment

  • baseline testing

  • designated monitoring points throughout your season

project: performance sessions when used in conjunction with any of our standard follow-up physiotherapy appointments can inform and guide our clinically and performance reasoned interventions/rehabilitation/training. 


Assessment and biofeedback training tools, previously the domain of professional sporting organisations now brought to you in your home for the first time through project: performance.


Use our expert knowledge and technology to take that next step in health, wellness and performance.

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In partnership with 

project: performance   partners

Measure Progress.
Build Progress.

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