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project: sports massage

Your Health. Your Wellness. Your Performance

"Sports Massage is not just a physical therapy, it’s an essential emotional and mental therapy.” 

project: sports massage is our fantastic therapy service aimed at both active individuals and the general public. 

Our highly talented clinician is one of the leading practitioners in the country with over a decade of experience. Highly skilled in soft tissue techniques, orthopaedic manual therapy and fitness training, massage sessions are tailored to your...


Health, Wellness, and Performance  

sports massage

Project : Sports Massage | Appointment

A 45-minute sports massage appointment with our expert clinician, tailored to your needs

Our sports massage appointments are available to all and take place within our west end of Edinburgh clinic. Sessions are able to be focused around:

  • Enhancing and accelerating recovery post-training or competition

  • Pre-competition activation or relaxation

  • Enhancing rehabilitation with a focus on areas being treated

  • Extending physical performance during training blocks

  • Relaxation and stress management

Vouchers for Sports Massage are also available via the link below. Simply purchase a voucher then have the recipient book online via the Book Now button.

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